How it all started

We’re a family run business with roots going back to 1903, and we love Leitrim and the people in it.

Our ultimate goal is to share the beauty of Leitrim with the rest of the world.

Our family has been here for over a century and we know how much the county means to the people who live here. We want to continue to support the growing community and show everybody the true beauty of Leitrim.

This is why we started Electric Bike Trails – to help people enjoy the wonders of the Leitrim landscape.

The beginnings of Electric Bike Trails

We started the Electric Bike Trails business in July 2012. There weren’t any traffic-free cycling paths when we started and we thought it was a shame to not be able to explore the wonders Leitrim had to offer.

After using electric bikes on the Great Western Greenway, we thought they were a fantastic and brilliant way for people to get back into cycling.

Electric bikes are suitable for all fitness levels and they are a comfortable, easy way for older people to enjoy the outdoors too.

Leitrim was the perfect spot

We knew that there were plenty of quiet roads around Leitrim that were perfect
for cycling.

The beautiful landscape and tranquil scenery of Leitrim is the perfect setting for people to start enjoying the outdoors again.

Now we have 30 km of traffic free Blueways in our area that are safe for cycling, away from all the traffic and noise of everyday living so you can re-connect fully with nature.

We have devised a selection of self guided tours to suit everybody and we provide lots of local information tailored to meet your needs.

Meet our team

We can’t wait for you to meet our expert team and visit the wonders of Leitrim with us.

Whether your taking a guided or self guided tour with us, we'll make sure that you have the experience of a lifetime in a fun, safe environment.





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